Alex ‘Olli’ Remzi is born in 1985. Some say to a German father and a Turkish mother. According to legend, Remzi began his career as a weapons dealer in his native Turkey. His legendary persona is born when rival Hungarian gangsters invade his house while he is away. Once his family is buried, Remzi massacres the Hungarian Mafia, killing them, their families, their friends, and even people who owe them money. He then goes underground, never again doing business in person, operating instead through underlings who don't know who they are really working for. 

8MM Bar opens 2002

8MM launches record label (8MM Musik) and hosts first concert at Pfefferbank (later called Bassy). First show June 2006 for 8MM001 record release of Powers first and only 7”. With Singapore Sling (Iceland) who would also go on to sign with 8MM Musik.

2007 - 2018 over 60 8MM Musik Night showcases at Bassy Club including The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Kadavar, The Warlocks, Dead Meadow, The Telescopes, Dum Dum Girls, The Blue Angel Lounge, und und und…


at Bassy Club: The Warlocks, Crocodiles, Lumerians, Magic Castles, Soda Fabric, Jawbones, Sick Horse, Brahma Loka


at UFO Studios: Michael Rother, Cavern Of Anti-Matter, The Warlocks, Tess Parks Band, Dead Rabbits, Medicine Boy, Gunman and the Holy Ghost, Le Vent, Jawbones, Sun and the Wolf, Snoffeltoffs


at Volksbühne Berlin: The Horrors, Tangerine Dream, Camera, Pins, Jakuzi, Balagan


at Kulturbrauerei: Spiritualized, The Soft Moon, The Blue Angel Lounge, Camera, Rakta, The Underground Youth, Bloc Rabbit, Death and Vanilla, Le Vent, Gewalt, RAN, The Third Sound, Jealous, Gym Tonic, The Love Coffin, Brabrabra


Stereolab, Deerhunter, Black Lips, Michael Rother, A Place to Bury Strangers, Priests, Flamingods, Laura Carbone, Holygram, Sofia Portanet, Saba Lou, Jealous, Ryskinder, 10 000 Russos, with more to be announced.