Melloch was launched in 2013 in the 8MM Bar, an epicenter of the underground independent music scene in Berlin. An Amaro of herbs with an underlying stroke of bitter orange, was introduced in Pomerania in the 1830s, and was a staple of Berlin nightlife in the early 1900’s, with dozens of local manufacturers. Largely forgotten by the 2000’s, variations on the recipes of yore were brought to life in 2005 in 8MM. The owner of 8MM together with the assistance of local distillers, painstakingly set out to create their own unique blend with natural ingredients. The delicious new recipe, named Melloch (after a song written by The Blue Angel Lounge, released on 8MM Musik), found an international following at 8MM as well as many other local watering holes in Berlin. Musicians and travelers go out of their way to partake in the Melloch fueled magic that happens on Schönhauser Allee every night. As a result, 8MM takes great pride in the linking Berlins past to new Berlin.

In keeping with our values and commitment to maintaining „local, hand crafted, organic, free range“ music, sales of Melloch go toward nurturing the underground music scene. Every spring Melloch and 8MM organize the Mellochfest to showcase up-and-coming bands. In Autumn, Melloch supports our marquee event, the Synästhesie Festival, dedicated to combining premiere international talent next to the best of Berlins underground rock scene. Proceeds are dedicated to supporting, producing, and releasing exceptional non-commercially motivated recordings.

Melloch Amaro strives to maintain the Joie de vivre and limitless possibility offered in Berlin. Melloch Bar, opened since summer 2017 at Greifswalder Str. 218, serves premium cocktails featuring Melloch with Mellochs own distillery set for completion in late 2019.

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