Hi there! This year festival will take place on Saturday and Sunday, is that right? Thanks!

That is correct. There will also be events the day leading up to the festival,  known collectively as SYN Week, but the festival itself is Saturday Nov. 16 and Sunday Nov 17.

When will Stereolab be playing?

Final lineup and stage times will be announced in October. Good things come to those who wait.

I only want to go the day Black Lips are playing. Is it possible to share tickets?

Tickets are non-transferable once used. One ticket, one persons entry. On the same note, festival bracelets are rendered invalid if stretched or tampered with in anyway and re-entry will not be permitted. Believe us, security has heard every excuse in the book so the only way to be fair about this is to be clear. Capacity is extremely limited and our priority is to ensure the comfort of attendees who have supported us in making this happen. So we’ll just say it once here, take care of your bracelet once you have it.

Could you please tell me who to ask to book a band? 

You know, we generally take great pleasure in going out and discovering new talent on our own by visiting small venues throughout the city and the world. If you really feel like it is necessary to take that away from us because you are just that good, please send us a link to the work you feel best represents your talent. If we don’t like the first track we won’t listen to the rest, so really give it your all in order to put your best foot forward. Good luck. We won’t download or log in anywhere, a simple YouTube or Vimeo link will suffice.

Will there be day passes?