Over the past couple years, there’s been a small but impeccably-curated festival bubbling up in Berlin called Synästhesie. The origins of the event center on 8MM, a beloved, dive-y rock bar that has provided a haven for Berlin’s local scene as well as a gathering place for musicians passing through town — Synästhesie is booked and presented by the people behind the bar. For two days, the fest takes over a venue and offers a lineup that skews heavily towards psychedelic music in many of its permutations, from zone-out garage rock to trippier, synthier traditions. 

Past lineups have featured names like Spiritualized, the Soft Moon, Tangerine Dream, and the Horrors.

Today, Synästhesie is back with the first wave of their 2019 lineup. With artists like Stereolab, Deerhunter, Black Lips, A Place To Bury Strangers, Michael Rother of Neu!, Priests, and Holygram, this year’s bill continues Synästhesie’s tradition of including acts both spacey and heavy, psych-oriented rock music both new and old. There will also be a conversation between Alan McGee and Anton Newcombe. (The Brian Jonestown Massacre are longtime associates of 8MM and the festival.) And, finally, Stereogum will be there too this time around as media partners.

Here’s what founder/curator Olli Remzi had to say about Synästhesie 2019:

We’re amazed at how the festival has grown the last three years. It was something we were doing for a small community within the city. A scene within a scene. After all, the festival is really just an extension of 8MM bar. But instead of playing the favorite records of our favorite bands, we now get to invite our favorite bands over. I think it was something that was sorely lacking in Berlin.

Synästhesie will go down 11/16 and 11/17 this year.

Tickets and more info are available HERE. See you in Berlin!