A label started by a little bar in East Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2006 by the founder of 8MM Bar, 8MM Musik is dedicated to bringing and nurturing original rock'n'roll music in Berlin.

We've released music by The Blue Angel Lounge, RÁN, Jawbones, Camera, LeVent, Singapore Sling, December Sound, DYN, Camera, Kadavar, Snøffeltøffs, Jack November, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre to name a few.

We've hosted some 50 odd 8MM Musik Nights including 3 SYNÄSTHESIE and 4 MELLOCHFESTs.

We are proud to have provided a stage for some of our favorite acts: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Tangerine Dream, The Horrors, PINS, The Blue Angel Lounge, The Warlocks, The Oscillation, Cavern Of Anti-Matter, Psychic Ills, Jakuzi, Asteroid #4, The Cosmonauts, Dead Meadow, Kadavar, Josh T Pearson, Camera, Spindrift, An Emerald City, Naam, The Telescopes, Dum Dum Girls, The Underground Youth, Sun And the Wolf, Wichswut, The Virgin Tongues, Singapore Sling, Zulu Pearls, Suns Of Thyme, The Third Sound, Mother Therese, Fredovitch, The Serious Matters, Mystical Communication Service, Jimmy Trash, Ecke Schönhauser, Delta Love, ET Tumason, Velvet Two Stripes, The MOQ, Kulku, Alpha Waves, The Holy Drug Couple, Indian Jewelry, The History of Colour TV, Nappa, Lost Rivers, Eagle Boston, They Shoot Horses, Admiral Black, Dirty and the Girl Scouts, The Julia Hummer Band, Swearing At Motorists, Powers, Honey and The Greek, The Melmoths... and who could forget #1: Lucky Laughing Panda.